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Our Philosophy

We love Belgian beer. We love strong beers. We like funky beers. Malty, smooth, rich, crisp, the beers we love take many forms, but they are all delicious and remind us that drinking beer is an act to savor, to contemplate, and to enjoy.

We love sharing beers. All our beers are available in 750ml bottles because we believe that beers should be shared with friends, family, or even friendly strangers.

We have our favorites, but we’re also inspired by others. Craft brewing in America is one of the most collaborative, supportive, encouraging, and inspiring communities in the world. The beer fans, the brewers, the specialty wholesalers and retailers all contribute to making America the world leader in brewing quality and creativity.

We are proud to enter into that tradition, to inspire others, to excite our community about beer, and to brew the beer we love.

Overshores Brewing Company is dedicated to the Belgian style of making beers. To be “Belgian” means to never compromise on taste, richness, strength of alcohol, and enjoy total freedom in choosing ingredients. If it makes the beer better and more interesting, put it in.

The Beer Team

Christian Amport, Founder and President

Christian Amport is a Connecticut native, a passionate devotee of Belgian beers and is committed to bringing that passion to the shoreline of Connecticut.  Christian lived in Vermont for three years and in the Pacific Northwest for four more lamenting all the while that his home state of Connecticut lacked the local beer culture that he had grown to love.  He holds a Masters in Business Administration from Boston College’s Carroll School of Management and a Bachelor of Science from the University of Vermont.